Soil Mixes


Garden Soil

Mixture of composted topsoil, manure compost, red sand and aged saw dust

SSD Garden Mix (1604 LOCATION ONLY)

SSD compost, manure compost, black topsoil, orange sand molasses & granite sand


Contractors Mix

Mixture of topsoil, Landscaper's compost, orange sand and aged sawdust 

SSD Contractors Mix (1604 LOCATION ONLY)

SSD compost, black topsoil & orange sand

*Best used for underneath new sod!


Top Dressing

Mixture of course drying bed sand and Landscaper's compost. A very fine mixture used for leveling and providing essential nutrients to your lawn.


Potting Soil SSD

SSD compost, rice uls, pine mulch, bio zome, decayed granite, lava sand perlite, peat moss, humate & rock phosphate


Rose Mix SSD

 SSD compost, red sand & pine bark mulch


Cactus Mix

Base, pea gravel, 4-way mix and decomposed granite. 

SSD Cactus Mix (1604 LOCATION ONLY) 

SSD potting soil, decayed granite, limestone & granite gravel


Enriched Top Soil

 Mixture of sandy loam and landscapers compost.