Stone & Soil has three truck sizes to provide optimum delivery services. Standard delivery rates are based on mileage from our location to your location and the type of truck used for the delivery. The delivery fee is a separate charge added to the total cost of the materials ordered.

There is a two cubic yard minimum per dump truck delivery and a one ton minimum for a flatbed truck delivery


 Our small dump truck can carry a maximum of 6 or 8 yards of material and the large dump truck can carry 12 or 15 yards. The flatbed truck can carry up to 12 tons of material and has a forklift to handle pallets

  • End dump deliveries start at $50
  • Flatbed deliveries start at $85
  • 18-wheeler end dump deliveries start at $200

Pick Up


 Stone & Soil is set up as a bulk material facility. We load your truck or trailer using a front end loader or forklift. Our loader uses a half cubic yard or a one cubic yard bucket. 

Both volume and weight of material need to be considered when measuring materials for pick up. 


For example, a half ton truck can carry 1-1½ yards of light-weight materials such as mulch or soil mix, but only ½ yard of heavy materials such as landscape rock, gravel or crushed granite. Materials such as patio stone and chop block are loaded onto a pallet and weighed, and then the pallet is loaded onto your truck or trailer using a forklift. At your request, stone can also be hand loaded into the bed of a pickup truck. 


We are set up for ½ cubic yard minimum purchase on bulk materials. If you need less, we now carry 1 cubic foot, self serve, bags of soil for your convenience. You may also bring your own 5 gallonself serve, containers. There are 27 cubic feet in one cubic yard. 

Liability Disclaimer

Stone & Soil Depot, Inc. assumes no responsibility for damages to sidewalks, buildings, driveways, trees, etc. when asked to deliver inside customer's property once our truck has left public roadways. Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless Stone & Soil Depot, Inc. for any and all damages/injuries which may result from delivery of materials.